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Vintage Jewelry: Every Piece Has a Story

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 Vintage Jewelry

If an antique is a century old and the retro belongs to 1960s, then where does the vintage jewelry fit into the jewelry spectrum?  Usually, a vintage piece costs less than an antique piece, but that does not mean that vintage pieces do not hold worth.  There is one question that remains the same, what is vintage jewelry? Vintage jewelry is now hugely owned by the millennials that was left their grandparents’ heirlooms, passing from generation to generation. Lets dive into the details.

What is a Vintage Jewelry?

Two definitions can explain what vintage jewelry really is.

  • Any valuable thing that has been used before and is now in use as a second-hand item. (But this is a pretty vague explanation seeing as it can be anything at all.) OR

  • Something that was made after the 1920s, including anything that is aged, but lesser than the antique age. Since the retro jewelry was made during 1945 and 1960, retro jewelry is technically included in this class.

Where to Sell Your Vintage Jewelry?

Do you want to sell a vintage piece that was left for you by a loved one? There is a particular source where you can convert the piece into cash. Take your jewelry to the best, Beverly Hills Pawnbroking and Lending. Their experts test and verify that the gemstones and metals used in your item to give you proper compensation for your piece. They buy or loan on your asset paying the highest loan to value due to their expert appraisal, and instant funding.

So, if you are tired looking at that piece you will never wear and don’t want to hold to, go out and sell it to Beverly Hills Pawnbroking and Lending. That way, you can earn ten fold on your grandma’s jewelry and use it for your future like she would have wanted. With 25 years of expertise and knowledge, the staff will help you whether you end up selling or taking a loan out on your products. BHP&L ensures the highest loan to value, complimentary appraisal and instant funding. Give them a call or email to set up an appointment and complimentary appraisal at Or call today at 424-335-0650 they are located at 9615 Brighton Way Suite 210, BeveryHills, CA 90010


What is the Online Service?

Now, let’s talk about their online resources. It can take a lot of effort and time to go and sell something you have lost interest in. Beverly Hills Pawnbroking & Lending offers every customer a guaranteed secure service. Allow vintage jewelry experts to guide you through the process online. This way, your item is tested before being sold.  So, visit their website today at and sell your Vintage jewelry colored stones and diamonds.
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