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Van Gogh-The Pawn Shop

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Van Gogh Art- the Pawn Shop

What do you do when you are running out of money, and you want to buy your favorite piece of art? Van Gogh Art is the all-time favorite of almost everyone, but only a few can afford its one-time payment. Sometimes, you ask your parents for money, and sometimes, you borrow it from your friends or siblings. What if we tell you the Pawn Shop in Beverly Hills is now providing loans on art? Amazing! Isn’t it?


  1. Who is Van Gogh?

The iconic artist, Vincent Van Gogh is a recognizable name in the art industry. Surprisingly, he sold just one painting, but that became his symbol all over the world. With his amazing brush strokes and beautiful canvasses, he touched the souls of many. His passion for painting is evident from the fact that he did not focus on selling, but bringing life to his paintings.  However, his startling piece of art is beyond your reach; getting loans on art is the only solution. Now, you must be wondering that is the Pawn Shop near me? Well, stick around to know.


  1. What Services Does the Pawn Shop in Beverly Hills Provide?

Not only does it provide you loans, but here, you can sell your art as well. Apart from the antique and vintage jewelry, it also cares to the art lovers. They buy or give a loan on your assets, paying the highest loan to value due to their expert appraisal, and instant funding. They are located at the 9615 Brighton Way Suite 210, Beverly Hills, CA 90010. The experienced staff provides you with a guaranteed and secure service. So, visit in person and avail their unique services you cannot find elsewhere.


However, going to Beverly Hills isn’t possible for many. Again, you must think, are the services of Pawn Shop near me? Well, the answer is yes, it can come to your doorstep through its online service. Now, whether you want to buy the loan, sell your art, or simply buy the Van Gogh painting, log on to or call them at 424-335-0650. It’s at your fingertips now.
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