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Unlocking the Value in your Andy Warhol Art

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Unlocking the Value in your Andy Warhol Art

High end art remains one of the most sought after asset classes in the world. Of course there are those who believe art should be considered an investment, rather than an asset. But who’s to say a person cannot own art just for the sake of enjoyment? If there is any artist whose work lends itself to enjoyment for the sake of it, it’s Andy Warhol. His Pop Art pieces are fascinating to be around. Take Eight Elvises for instance. Warhol painted it in 1963 as part of his second show at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. This beautiful piece is a silkscreen on canvas of eight identical, overlapping images of Elvis dressed as a cowboy on a silver background. Now, that’s something to be enjoyed! Eight Elvises sold in 2008 for $100 million, making it one of Warhol’s most valuable works.

How to Sell your Andy Warhol art

The great thing about Warhol’s works however, is that even though they are great pieces to own and enjoy, they also make great investments as their value continues to climb.

At Beverly Hills Pawnbroking & Lending, we purchase high end art no matter the medium – paintings, prints, sculptures, photography – we buy them all. So if you would like to sell your Andy Warhol pieces, please contact us. We will ensure that you get great prices for them.

Loans on Andy Warhol Art

If on the other hand, you prefer not to sell your fine art, but would prefer to get a loan on your Andy Warhol, we also specialize in providing loans on high end art, including Andy Warhol and other modern and contemporary artworks.

We follow a simple, dignified and seamless process in providing loans against fine art.  Transactions are conducted in private offices with expert art appraisers. If you’re interested in obtaining a loan on fine art, or just want more information
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