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Platinum Jewelry-An asset of Great Value

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Platinum Jewelry – An Asset of Great Value

If precious metals were celebrities, platinum would be several notches above an A-lister. Which is why, as fine jewelry goes, platinum jewelry is right up among the most coveted pieces. In fact, it is considered the only metal good enough to secure some of the world’s most famous diamonds. The Hope, Jonker I and Koh-I-Noor diamonds are all secured by Platinum.

Why is Platinum Jewelry so Valuable?

Well, for one, it is one of the rarest metals on earth. So rare, in fact, that if all of the platinum ever mined were gathered together, it would fit into an average-sized living room. Platinum is also one of the purest, strongest and most enduring metals known to man. These attributes, together with its rarity, make it such a fascinating and valuable metal.

Interestingly enough, platinum didn’t always enjoy such a pre-eminent position. During their quest for gold during the 1500s and 1600s, the Spanish thought platinum was an inferior type of silver that interfered in their gold mining.  So they named it Platina – little silver. Little did they know its value!

Where to Sell your Platinum Jewelry

Fortunately, we at Beverly Hills Pawnbroking & Lending know a whole lot about platinum and we certainly know the true value of your platinum jewelry. So if you’re looking to sell your platinum jewelry, come talk to us. Our experts will do a professional appraisal for you and offer you the best price for your piece. Or if you would like to get a loan on your platinum jewelry, we are the best pawn shop in Los Angeles. Give us a call at 424-335-0650 or visit us at . We are located at 9615 Brighton Way, Suite 210, Beverly hills, CA 90210
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