What do you do when you need to borrow quick cash for your everyday needs? You either go to your parents, siblings, or friends since banks do not provide loans in small amount. It’s okay to take bank loans for a high academic fees or inventory, but for small antique items such as jewelry and watchespawning is the option for you. There are several watch brands available at the Pawn shop including Rolex, Tiffany and co., and Cartier. Yes, you can now get a loan on your Cartier watch as well.

What is Cartier?

It is a years old French company that produces luxury jewelry items including wedding rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. They also make valuable broaches, cufflinks, and chains. However, their most pawning items are watches, rings, and bracelets. Cartier is a proud pioneer of stylish watch making. They have been producing remarkable watches and jewelry since more than a century, and their first wristwatch, the Santos, came in the market in 1904. That was the beginning of Cartier’s success and now it has regular customers, most of which are celebrities. Now, at the pawn shop, Beverly Hills Pawnbroking & Lending, you can sell your Cartier watch and get an instant price.

How to Pawn your Cartier Item

The Pawn shop at Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Pawnbroking & Lending, is the place where you can get an amazing price for your Cartier watch. It is the best example of pawnbroking in the 21st-century that offers loans on high-end collateral loans. It’s hard to believe, but even the Queens and Kings prefer pawning at the pawn shop just because it’s a reliable source, since they don’t need loans. What makes it reliable? The experienced staff and their year’s old successful history.

Beverly Hills Pawnbroking & Lending is located at 9615 Brighton Way Suite 210, Beverly Hills, CA 90010. So, either sell your Cartier jewelry at the Pawn shop or get a loan for it; the choice is yours. If you’re busy and don’t have time to go, email to set up an appointment and complimentary appraisal at You can do the same on call. Call us at 424-335-0650 and book your appointment. Yes, it’s at your fingertips.