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Bulgari Jewelry-The Epitome of Luxury, Style and Glamor

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Bulgari Jewelry – The Epitome of Luxury, Style and Glamor

Say ‘Bulgari’ and what comes to mind? Iconic jewelry bursting with color. A dazzling assortment of large gemstones. Thick gold chokers set with ancient Roman coins and gem-encrusted serpents. And of course, fabulous Hollywood royalty all decked out in these timeless jewels as they walk down the red carpet. The Bulgari name is evocative of timeless glamour. Not bad for a brand that started from very humble beginnings.

A brief history of Bulgari Jewelry

Founded in 1884 by Sotirio Boulgaris, a Greek immigrant to Italy, the Bulgari brand started life as a small stall in front of the French Academy in Rome where Sotirio sold silver objects after a robbery that left him with only 80 cents in his pockets. With the help of his sons, the business had expanded by 1905 to include antiques, jewels, bric-a-brac and other “curiosities”. The Bulgari brand soon became famous as purveyors of fine jewelry.

In the 1950s, Bulgari began to use color in daring new ways, choosing gems for their color effect rather than for their value alone –something that would become iconic to the brand.  Even today, Bulgari jewelry is easily recognizable for this quality and is very much sought after.

Looking to Sell your Bulgari Jewelry or get a loan on your Bulgari Jewelry?

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