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Highest Loan to Value on Your Assets, Immediate Appraisal and Funding with Collateral Based Loans
From the heart of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Pawnbroking & Lending has over 25 years experience loaning against luxury assets. We offer discreet, professional pawnbroking service, and instant asset-based loans against fine art, fine jewelry and watches, diamonds and precious stones. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent, high-quality service.

Asset Loans

  • Receive 100% of the agreed loan price

  • Private and confidential, with no credit checks

  • No contract, fee, or hidden charges

  • Achieve the maximum amount of credit against a luxury good

  • Nothing to pay for up to full term of the contract

  • Immediate appraisals and specialist advice

  • Instant credit with minimal paperwork

Fine Watches

Beverly Hills Pawnbroking and Lending provide loans against modern, vintage and antique watches, made on current market sale value. Our watch appraisal team has extensive experience in trading and valuing fine watches.

Jewelry, Diamonds and Precious Stones

From art nouveau pieces by Rene Lalique to modern Cartier jewelry, our experts can advise on all types of jewelry, be it modern, vintage, or antique. We have over 25 years of jewelry, diamond and precious stone trading experience, enabling our clients to get the highest possible value for their pieces.
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